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Local and Independently Published Authors:

Hello, writer friend! Thank you for your interest in partnering with Main Street Books. Please understand that, because of the volume of consignment program and event requests we receive, it’s not possible for us to accommodate every author. However, we will do our best! The health of our shop requires the following guidelines be met; please do not ask for special consideration, and thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

To support our local, independently-published authors, Main Street Books carries a selection of books on consignment, meaning we pay our local authors as we sell their books, rather than paying for copies at the time of the order. We have high standards for every title we carry, including our consignment books, all of which must be bound with legible titles on the spines, imprinted with an ISBN/barcode, proofread, and free of typographical and grammatical errors. Additionally, the book cover must convey a professional level of design and artwork.

For consideration in our consignment program, you must provide a review copy of your book (hand delivered or mailed to PO Box 1210, Davidson, NC 28036), accompanied by a critical review or description of your book in approximately 50 words, your contact information, your consignment package preference (see below), and submission of our online form (see below). We will notify you by email if we approve your book for consignment.

If we approve a review copy of your book, then you become eligible for the following packages:

Basic Package
Cost: $20 every three months

We will stock two copies of your title, which must be mailed or delivered by you to our store. Our staff will track inventory and compensate you for book sales every three months. We pay 60 percent of the cover price for consignments sold, which is the industry standard. Both copies of your book must sell quarterly to waive the $20 consignment fee for the following quarter. Should you choose not to renew the Basic Package, you will have three weeks to pick up all remaining copies of your book. Main Street Books reserves the right to remove your book from our shelves at any time; if we remove your book within three months of your last payment, we will furnish a prorated reimbursement of your $20.

Marketing Package
Cost: $35, plus $20 every three months

The Marketing Package includes everything in the Basic Package. Also, Main Street Books will spotlight your book in an edition of our email newsletter, which reaches over 2,500 customers. We will also add your title to the “Local Picks” section of our website, where it will remain for the duration of your participation in our consignment program, thereby enabling readers to order your book online.

Signing Package
Cost: $75

Main Street Books will organize, promote, and host a book signing event for you at our store on a Saturday morning from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Because of the Davidson Farmers Market and our Saturday Morning Storytime, Saturday mornings comprise the busiest time frame in our store, when we’re able to provide the most foot traffic to authors trying to promote their books. Authors provide their own books for signings, and books are sold through Main Street Books’ register at the standard consignment split of 60/40. We provide a table, a tablecloth, a chair, book stands, and signage for the author. Authors who choose this package must be eligible for consignment, even if you elect not to participate in the Basic Package.

We book authors we feel will be able to co-promote the signing effectively. Priority is given to local authors and authors with significant local contacts. We expect the author to notify their friends, family, colleagues, and readership, as well as reach out to the book’s target audiences. In return, Main Street Books will publicize the event via social media, our website, and our newsletter. All signings are booked a minimum of six weeks in advance to allow for proper publicity.


*After one year of consignment program participation, authors whose books consistently sell, who support their fellow writers by attending events at Main Street Books, and who make an effort to shop at the store will be invited to participate in a book signing at Main Street Books free of charge.

Ready to get started? Please drop a review copy of your book in the mail, and complete the following form:

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Author's Name
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