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Author Talk: Hope for the Holidays with Sue Wilson

Another word for hope is courage, and another word for courage is confidence. That is exactly what we need to face the fast approaching holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas! Because holiday stress is directly related to your plans (or lack thereof), why not plan on not being stressed? Come and we’ll talk about what you really want to do this year and what you don’t!  I will help you discover workable plans that you, your family and others will enjoy; because your heart will be in them!

Join us for a talk with Sue Wilson, author of Home Matters (Warren Publishing).  

"Often times the very place we call home – can be the source of too much stress! Home Matters is designed to help you love and enjoy your home! You will evaluate your current living situation, and then take a stress test.  Relax there is no “tread mill” involved in this test!  What you will do is rate your current stress level in each area of your home room – by – room.  You will then learn an easy way of getting that area under control by using “The System.”  Learning how to arrange each room to meet your needs is easy, once the clutter is gone. Maintenance and upkeep will be easier too as once you have designated a place for all of your things! Why not grab a friend and tackle your home matters together? Because home really does matter!"

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