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Mary Jane Capps, author of Crescent

We are swooping into October with a celebration of Mary Jane Capps' YA novel, Crescent, a Main Street Books staff pick and wonderfully witchy story. Join us in conversation with Mary Jane. We'll be hosting a party with wonderful mardi gras treats, a Tarot card reader, and more.

Crescent is the tale of 16 year old Stella Fortunat, a girl who wears way too much eyeliner, drinks way too much coffee, and has way too many expectations set on her by a devoutly religious mother. Most of her life has been occupied by work at her family’s café, blending her own eye shadows in her bedroom, and sitting at the feet of her Tarot-reading, Voodoo-practicing “GG”. Now, Stella’s own prophetic dreams seem to have taken a very dangerous turn, the aforementioned mean woman seems to have something to do with it, and her best friend and the cute boy who roasts her favorite beans seem to think she’s a bit crazy. From mystical visions to masquerade balls, Crescent is a journey that’s dark and playful, poignant and funny.