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Jim Martin, former NC Governor

Former North Carolina governor James (Jim) Martin joins longtime friend and colleague Tony Abbott at Main Street Books for a discussion on the reconciliation of religion and science, which is the primary topic of his book Revelation Through Science.

After graduating from Davidson College, Martin left North Carolina briefly to obtain a Ph.D. from Princeton. He returned to the state and his alma mater in 1960 as a chemistry professor. In 1966, he was elected to the office of Mecklenburg County Commissioner, a position he filled while continuing to teach until elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1972. In 1984, Martin successfully ran for the position of NC Governor. He was reelected in 1988 and is remembered as a bipartisan leader who led with tact, compromise, and efficiency.

In Revelation Through Science, Martin writes for the educated non-scientist who may be troubled by apparent conflicts between science and religion. Are science and faith incompatible? Martin posits that astronomers, physicists, and biologists have now shown that the more deeply science probes nature, the more it reveals evidence pointing us to God. After reviewing concepts from those fields, Revelation Through Science adds new material from chemistry, describing organic structures that are profoundly vital for life, yet too complex for self-assembly without some guiding principle. Martin concludes that science is not the enemy of faith and hopes his readers will arrive at the same denouement.

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