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Book Signing: Marina DelVecchio


Kit Kat was born in Athens, Greece. Her mother was a prostitute, and their protector was a pimp. After an early childhood marked by violence, homelessness, and an orphanage, a Greek-American woman adopted her and moved her to New York.

Kit Kat was eight years old, with a new name, a new country, and a new mother who tried to silence her memories and experiences. She sought refuge in books, and after a failed suicide attempt at the age of thirteen, she discovered Charlotte Brontë’s, Jane Eyre. This book saved her life, and at fifteen, Kit Kat begins to write letters to Jane Eyre as a means of surviving a childhood she still remembers, the family she left behind, and the new mother that refuses to acknowledge her past.

Kit Kat’s letters to Jane Eyre demonstrate the resilience and power that she derives from Jane's own dark narrative and the parallels between their lives that include being neglected, unloved, poor, orphaned, and almost destroyed by the madwoman in their lives. 

This coming of age and semi-autobiographical novel is about family, loss, forgiveness, and the power of a good book.

Marina DelVecchio is a former high school English teacher with twenty years’ teaching experience in literature, creative and academic writing, and research. She has received several awards for her writing from The Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition (2011-2015), and her work has been published by The Huffington PostWE Magazine for WomenThe New Agenda, and BlogHer. She has worked as a contributing book reviewer of women’s literature for Her Circle Ezine and as Assistant Editor of Poetry and Non-Fiction for QU Literary Magazine (2014-15). In print, her work has been published by Cengage Learning’s anthology on Media and Violence against Women (2013) and She Writes’ collection of essays titled Three Minus One (2014). She was a finalist in the 2015 Tiferet Writing Contest, and her craft essay on writing immersion memoirs was published by The Tishman Review in June 2016.