Purpose of Evasion by J.A. Walsh

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J.A. Walsh - Purpose of Evasion - FINAL Hi Res Cover Image.jpg

Purpose of Evasion by J.A. Walsh


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From the mind of an author who served in intelligence and counter-terrorism, Purpose of Evasion is a political thriller full of real spy tradecraft.

Terrorists killed Sami Lakhani's parents. Now Sami works in the dark corners of intelligence and he kills the terrorists, but he’s not a spy movie muscle man with a square jaw and a femme fatale on his arm. Sami is gay. And Muslim-American. His job and his identity keep him bouncing between a sense of patriotism and the shame of feeling part of a dangerous machine. 

Life in the shadows is still better than reckoning with family secrets Sami does not want to confront, until he is assigned to stop a terror attack that forces him back into the orbit of one person he knows he cannot trust, his own grandfather. 

Sami’s dream team of outcasts from the buzzcut world of intelligence uncover links between his grandfather, a White House aide, and the leader of a White Nationalist group that is targeting U.S. Muslims with terror attacks.

But before they can stop a plot designed to strike at America’s cultural flashpoints, they are ordered to shut down their investigation by a White House that is treating the threat like another case of "Muslim terrorism."

Sami's sense of duty and pride in his identity finally coalesce in one mission, but to save lives he will have to defy his orders, confront his grandfather, and take on nefarious elements of the government that he serves.

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