Literary Luncheon: Donna Everhart

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Literary Luncheon: Donna Everhart


Main Street Books invites you to a literary luncheon featuring Donna Everhart at the Davidson Icehouse. Converse with Donna about her recently released novel, The Road to Bittersweet, over food and drink by purchasing your tickets here or in the store by June 23rd.

When you purchase your tickets, you will be prompted to select an entree and beverage from the following choices:

Buffalo Bill - cast iron chicken, grilled slaw, grilled corn, romaine, green hummus, lemon cauliflower, buffalo sauce, ranch sauce

Paleo A-Go-Go - beefy meatballs, maple glazed sweet potatoes, roasted black beans, kale slaw, tickled pink onions, silky ratatouille, spicy green sauce

Italian Amore - grilled chicken thighs, caramelized onions, marinated eggplant, sweet & spicy peppers, tomatoes & cucumbers, silky ratatouille, creamy pesto, caesar peppercorn

Tree Hugger - crispy mushrooms, grilled slaw, edamame, maple glazed sweet potatoes, roasted black beans, green hummus, asian barbecue

Buddha's Belly - chopped vegan chicken, roasted black beans, sweet & spicy peppers, marinated eggplant, tomato & cucumbers, edamame, classic hummus, tahini lemon sauce *vegan* 

The Roman - cast iron chicken, onion wisps, lemon cauliflower, tomatoes & cucumber, romaine, classic hummus, caesar peppercorn

The Brule - grilled chicken thighs, grilled corn, grilled slaw, caramelized onions, roasted black beans, tickled pink onions, sassy pimiento cheese, spicy green sauce

The Davidsonian - cast iron chicken, grilled slaw, maple glazed sweet potatoes, lemon cauliflower, kale slaw, sassy pimiento cheese, tangy apricot

***All entrees are gluten free with the exception of the Tree Hugger.


Beverages: beer (choose from a rotating selection of craft beers on tap at the time of the event), red wine, white wine, iced tea, water

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