Independent Bookstore Day

Every year on the last Saturday in April, independent bookstores across the nation celebrate and are celebrated, using Independent Bookstore Day as an opportunity to acknowledge and build our roles within our respective communities. 

Unlike Amazon and most other online books sales companies, Main Street Books pays taxes to the state, the county, and the town that help fund schools, libraries, fire, police, and other town services. Our local bookstore also reinvests in the community by sponsoring, marketing for, or otherwise supporting local organizations like the Davidson Community Players and the Davidson Lands Conservancy. In addition to adding to Davidson's small town charm, our brick-and-mortar store adds to the town's cultural enrichment by organizing and hosting literary events, and fosters community by providing a safe, inclusive space for citizens to connect with one another over books, ideas, and comfy armchairs. 

Of course, any contributions Main Street Books can make to the community are a direct result of your support and intentional choices as a consumer and citizen, dear reader. So, the Main Street Books team is going to celebrate you, and us, and you and us with sweet treats, exclusive swag, celebrity storytellers and booksellers, live music, literary cocktails, classes, and much more. I sincerely hope you'll join us.