5 Essayists Who Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Give your funny bone a tune-up before David Sedaris takes it for a test drive on May 31st with these five humor essayists:

Sedaris 1 Credit Ingrid Christie.jpg

1. David Sedaris  (duh.)

We, your concerned booksellers, want to make sure you are in tip-top reading shape before David arrives. Much like a runner must train for a marathon, you must exercise your sense of humor, so as not to pull something in David's presence. Stop in the store to shore up your Sedaris essay collection.

“A zoo is a good place to make a spectacle of yourself, as the people around you have creepier, more photogenic things to look at.” - When You Are Engulfed in Flames


2. Sloane Crosley

If David Sedaris and Amy Schumer produced a petri-dish baby, it might turn out something like Sloane Crosley: unflinchingly open, slightly left of sane, inclined to get caught in weird situations with weirder people, witty, and knock-your-socks-off funny.

"When I was five, my mother and sister sat me up on the kitchen counter and explained the facts of life: the Easter Bunny didn't exist, Elijah was God's invisible friend, with any luck Nana would die soon, and if I ever saw a unicorn, I should kill it or catch it for cash. I turned out okay." - I Was Told There'd Be Cake



3. David Rakoff

Reading David Rakoff is not unlike sitting in the veterinarian's office with your family, having just put down a beloved pet, worn out with grief, swollen-eyed and snot-nosed, peering over the edge of an existential abyss, when a tabby cat patient with an anxiety disorder breaks free of its carrier and gobbles up a little girl's pet hamster, sending the office into a tear-laden frenzy. Immediate am-I-laughing-or-am-I-crying relief breaks through the grief and you feel just a little bit crazy. This is what it is to read David Rakoff.

“I come by my alarmism honestly. I have learned this custom over the years as I have settled into being a true New Yorker. This is how we welcome foreigners to our shores. Because we are so often frightened by living here, we are annoyed and offended when visitors fail to show the proper signs of terror. So we try to scare the living daylights out of them.” - Fraud: Essays



4. Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron is precisely the friend you want to have when you're 40 years old and in the throes of a whopper mid-life crisis. She'll join you for a dinner of wine and crackers, listen dutifully, and then bestow upon your soul a few good-natured one-liners, as though rubbing Vick's over a congested chest.

“Well, at least this time I get to be a person in the story. The last time you told one of your Russian parables I was a bag of chickens.” - Heartburn

5. Samantha Irby

There are many ways to craft a humorous essay. One of the most straightforward is to harness the clarity to tell it exactly like it is. You know, through the warped lens of personality. Irby sees all, and she sees it through wickedly potent bifocals.

“I feel my sexiness is a thing that creeps up on you, like mold on a loaf of corner-store bread you thought you'd get three more days out of.” - We Are Never Meeting in Real Life