If you've ever stopped in Main Street Books, chances are good that you've overheard one of our booksellers or customers discussing the store's mission. We are constantly assessing our role as a brick-and-mortar, independent bookstore in an era of mega-corporations and increasing reliance on online services.

Here's what we know. We are a place for books, yes, but also book lovers. Visit us when you need a recommendation, when you HAVE TO tell someone about a book you just finished, when you hope to run into a friend or neighbor, when you seek inspiration for your writing, when you want to spend money somewhere that is as woven into the fibers of the Davidson community as you, or when you just yearn for a comfy spot to sit and read.

We hope you'll visit us online, too, because, as much as we value face time and the coziness of our bookstore armchair, we also recognize the value of continuing conversations after closing. On our blog, you'll find community and staff book reviews, exclusive skinnies on visiting authors, and a whole lotta book love.

Check this page weekly, subscribe, or follow Main Street Books on social media to stay up to date on our most recent posts. And if you read a book that knocks your socks off, tell us about it!