Year in Review

Still searching for the right gift for someone on your holiday list? Read on, holiday shoppers, for a round-up of this year's best reads. Take a peak at your store's bestsellers and explore your booksellers' top choices for this year's new releases. We have a sneaking suspicion that you'll find a great gift hidden in these lists...

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5 Cookbooks for the Season of Food

We all have food traditions, ingrained in our memories alongside the faces of loved ones who joined in their inception or repetition - a taste signifies a season, a scent evokes a sentiment, a flavor recalls a family member.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of recently published cookbooks, from which you can draw inspiration for new food memories or elevate pre-existing menus this holiday season.

From your friends at Main Street Books, happy holidays and happy cooking!

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Undercover Magic in Lauren Groff's Florida

There is a deliberate magic drawn from the ordinary in these eleven short stories by Lauren Groff. Florida presents the sunshine state to her audience as if it were something dragged from the swamps, glistening and stinking of salt and violence, yet beautiful in its indifference. Something that prowls and blooms and learns to bear the savagery of heat.

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5 Tales That'll Spook Your Socks Off

Fall, it seems, has finally come. Temperatures (finally!) cooled enough in the Davidson area to make bonfires, pumpkin-flavored-everything, and reading under blankets feel warranted. The dip in degrees is reminds us, too, that Halloween is here.

Hunker down with every light in the house on and a hefty supply of candy for these five heart-stopingly terrifying reads.

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