The Matchbox Subscription

Let us match you and your loved ones with great books from the booksellers at Main Street Books. We offer three types of subscription box: Kid Lit, First Editions, and Paperback Lit. Each month, subscribers receive a book selected by a bookseller at Main Street Books. Sign up by the first of the month to begin receiving a Matchbox that same month. Choose the number of months that you'd like to receive. The Matchbox make a unique can gift that you can give to anyone with an address in the U.S.!

Subscribe to any of the following Matchboxes by the first of the month to begin receiving your service the same month. At checkout, simply select the number of months you'd like to receive or subscribe continuously.

The Matchbox Square kid lit (1).png

Kid Lit

When you subscribe to Matchbox: Kid Lit, you'll select one of four age groups - from birth to young adult. 

We will send a brand new release every month along with a delightful bookish gift.

$25 per month, shipping included.

The Matchbox Square first editions.png

First Editions

When you subscribe to Matchbox: First Editions, we will send you a first edition hardcover book, one that your bookselling team has highly anticipated and can't wait to share the moment it's published. 

$35 per month, shipping included. 

The Matchbox Square paperback lit.png

Paperback Lit

Our Paperback Lit subscribers receive a not-to-be-missed, hand-picked paperback the first month of their subscription, as well as a card inviting subscribers to indicate their reading preferences. Subsequent Matchboxes will be tailored to the subscriber's taste, with frequent solicitations from our booksellers for subscriber feedback.

$25 per month, shipping included.